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UPVC Insulted Ceiling


The UPVC conservatory insulated ceiling is lightweight, panelled and changes the internal appearance and atmosphere of conservatory, transforming it into a bright, insulated space that can be used all year round. Insulating a conservatory with a UPVC finish can add a fashionable and stylish look to a room whilst maintaining the open and light-filled effect of a traditional full glass conservatory. In addition to improving the appearance of conservatory, our internal conversion will ensure it is also warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months, with less annoying external noise.

All our UPVC ceilings come with a 5-year guarantee.


Produced for the first time in 1935, the ‘PVC’ in UPVC stands for a chemical compound made from chlorine, carbon and hydrogen named Polyvinyl Chloride. These components all originate from the naturally occurring raw materials of natural gas, common salt and petroleum. The ‘u’ in front of PVC stands for ‘unplasticised’, meaning that the material has not been softened by the addition of chemical plasticizers. UPVC has many applications including construction, car manufacturing, packaging and furniture. UPVC is a common substance used in the building of conservatories because it is easily shaped under heat and metal rods can be incorporated within the structure when extra support is needed.


Many conservatory owners do not use conservatories for most of the year because they become unbearably warm in summer and freezing in winter. This can be remedied by installing an insulated roof in the conservatory that will ensure uniform temperatures and allow it to be used all year round, reducing the glare and harmful effects of sunlight on the interior of your room. Additional insulation will also save you money on your energy bills.

Low maintenance and extremely durable, UPVC Cladding is popular with UK homeowners due to its consistent clean appearance and protective layer improving a property’s energy efficiency.

It reflects the sunlight in the room, giving it a light and airy character.

Once you have chosen this option, we will install the insulation into your current roof and then cover it with a panelled ceiling.

In this way, your conservatory will maintain a stable temperature throughout the year. Panels and insulation will reduce seasonal temperature fluctuations, preventing heat loss in winter, reducing heat build-up in summer months, which means that the room will not overheat.

This system can be installed normally in one day and is fully guaranteed.

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