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A conservatory makes a wonderful addition to the home, and allows you to enjoy the outdoors while staying indoors. The problem arises because standard polycarbonate or glass roofs have no thermal efficiency properties most conservatories are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. You can’t relax and easily watch TV in conservatories, and when it rains, the noise can be deafening. The solution to these problems is our insulated conservatory ceiling. Once you’ve installed our conservatory insulation system, you can enjoy this year-round living space by turning it into the extra room you’ve always wanted.

Having an insulated ceiling installed is the most efficient and cost-effective solution to regain your special extra space for truly all year-round use. It is the only solution we offer which does not involve removing your existing roof. Our insulated ceilings look great and come in different finishes, to suit your style.

  • quick installation
  • low cost home improvement
  • temperature control
  • noise nuisance reduction
  • reduced glare from the sun
  • minimal loss of ceiling height

The fully insulated ceiling inside the conservatory roof will dramatically reduce seasonal temperature fluctuations as heat will no longer leave during winter months or build up during summer months. In addition, the annoying noises of rain or sleet and sun glare will be significantly reduced and you will be able to reuse your conservatory to its full potential whenever you want.

This conservatory insulation system can be installed in most polycarbonate, glass or timber framed conservatories whatever the shape or size. The ceiling height will not change significantly and in most cases it is possible to install ceiling insulation with almost no loss of ceiling height.

Your conservatory will look the same from the outside but with efficient insulation installed onto the inside with the choice of a maintenance free PVCu ceiling or a plastered ceiling. If you’re afraid you’ll lose all the light, we can usually install skylights on the roof and you’ll be able to get the light when you need it.

An insulated ceiling can prevent harsh sunrays during the summer months. This ensures that your furniture will not fade. If you have potted plants, you don’t have to worry about them drying out. The room will be comfortable and can be used for any purpose. You will be delighted with the difference that the insulation system will make to the way you use conservatory.


 The original roof remains in place, but undergoes a thorough service to ensure there are no leaks or any other potential problematic areas prior to installation.

All minor repairs are done before a new insulated ceiling is installed. Then, directly on the underside of the existing roof beams, a precisely fitted and treated timber subframe is installed, followed by the insulated quilt. This unique, completely energy-efficient quilt has been specially designed for conservatory roof insulation, is fully certified, complies with building regulations and is fire resistant. It consists of 19 unique layers and covers the entire underside of the conservatory ceiling. It provides excellent insulation with much less thickness than other types of insulation materials. A second treated timer subframe is then installed to provide a secure fixing for the finish of your choice. Finally, the internal ceiling is installed according to the option you have chosen.

Our unique conservatory internal insulation system is installed by professionals who have extensive experience in installing this type of system. The work is usually carried out within one or two days. All our UPVC ceiling are covered by a 5-year guarantee and all our plaster ceilings come with a 2-year guarantee.



Plastered ceiling insulation ensures that the ceiling is warm and cosy during the winter months while remaining bright and spacious in the summer. You can match the appearance of the plaster to the rest of your home.


The UPVC conservatory insulated ceiling is a lightweight and panelled ceiling that changes the internal appearance and atmosphere of conservatory, transforming it into a bright, insulated space that can be used all year round.

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