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Tiled Conservatory Roof


Traditional conservatories with glass or polycarbonate roofs may be too cold or too hot to be used all year round. Therefore, more and more people are deciding to change. The best option here is to get a fully insulated tiled roof. Tiled conservatories roofs, thanks to their modern design, blend in very well with existing walls and are very often chosen to complement the overall aesthetics of the house. The improved insulation allows the conservatory to be used all year round without feeling the winter or hot weather.

Conservatory4you, through the use of a solid and fully insulated roof system, makes it possible to transform any occasionally used conservatory into a friendly living space that can be used 365 days a year. Properly selected and properly located roofing will provide you and your loved ones with protection against adverse weather conditions and ensure proper thermal insulation of the building, preventing heat loss. With a wide range of tile options and finishes to choose from, you can get the perfect look to match your home.


 Features of our roof system:

  • is in accordance with the standards of local authorities.
  • installed within 3-4 days
  • 40-year manufacturer’s warranty on tiles
  • 2 types of insulation – Xtratherm board & 19 layer Superquilt®
  • suitable for all projects and conservatory sizes
  • has an excellent thermal efficiency of 0.15-0.18 U
  • fully ventilated, without the risk of condensation
  • has a wide range of interior and exterior finishes and accessories
  • 10 year insurance backed guarantee

When you change from a polycarbonate conservatory roof to a fully insulated tiled roof, you get a lot of benefits you never had before. One is energy efficiency; a solid tiled insulated roof reduces the rate of heat loss from the conservatory. This saves you money on heating bills. Transforming a conservatory roof will significantly improve your property, which will increase the value of your home. In addition to this, such a roof reduces noise to a minimum, making the conservatory a quiet and peaceful place.

A tiled roof also reduces any sun glare by blocking out harsh sunlight. It also reduces the time spent on cleaning and standard maintenance, making your conservatory look good as new for many years to come.
An insulated tiled conservatory roof is a modern improvement that turns a conservatory from an unused space into a warm and great-looking addition to your home. It provides a reliable living space, ideal for any purpose, where you will feel comfortable both in summer and winter. The great thing is that a tiled roof provides these benefits without unduly compromising on light quality too, so you never feel as if you are in the dark or directly in the sunlight.
The value it adds to your home and the benefits it will provide in the long run are definitely worth it!


The choice of ceiling has a great influence on the appearance and climate of the rooms.

We offer two options for a new insulated ceiling as shown below.

UPVC cladding finish – a bright white internal UPVC system provides a stunning, maintenance-free, spacious room finish. Installed in just one day, this is the most popular choice for customers who want to solve temperature problems in their existing conservatory with an economical solution.

A plastered ceiling finish – this makes the conservatory look as if it is a fully integrated part of the home. Thanks to their smooth surface, plastered ceilings are the most professional-looking conservatory finish on the inside. Painted white, it retains a bright, attractive and open space in the room.


Conservatory4you offers a wide range of tiles so you can find the perfect match for your home.

TapcoSlate – is the perfect modern alternative to natural slate. The tiles are lightweight, available in 6 different colours, maintenance free, fire resistant, do not crack or curl, and are UV stable, which means that they retain their colour for many years. They are suitable on pitches as low as 14.5 degrees, comply with building standards, have BBA certificates and have a 40-year service life. They are a popular choice for people who want to revitalize their existing conservatory.

Britmet tiles – manufactured in the UK, available in 6 profiles with 6 colour finishes to choose from, they are extremely lightweight, maintenance free, fire resistant, do not lose their colour after years, and can be used on slopes from 5° to 90°. They comply with building standards, have a 40 year BBA-supported warranty, an amazing look, great durability – they are tested for durability in the most extreme weather conditions.

SlateSkin – is a sheet tiling system that allows to fit a realistic slate-effect, and it is fully water resistant, superbly strong and highly durable. SlateSkin comes with a 25-year product integrity guarantee. Lightweight construction allows be used on slopes from 5° to 35°.

Create a look that you’ll love with our optional extras:

Skylights – any loss of light can be easily replaced by adding one or more skylights. Natural daylight has a dynamic and changeable character, so it can liven up a room in a way that would be impossible with a regular lamp. In rooms with roof skylights, you can always enjoy the natural light that changes according to the season and the day. We offer fixed, openable as well as electric skylights with remote control and rain sensor, available in different sizes to your liking .

LED lighting – a very popular lighting element due to its durability, energy efficiency and aesthetics. Investment in modern energy-efficient LED lighting is a step towards a significant reduction of costs associated with electricity consumption. It can be used to illuminate and decorate modern interiors, in which minimalism and usability are focused on, as well as classic and richly decorated interiors.



Transforming conservatory using an existing roof structure is the best way to save time and money, so you can turn your conservatory into a comfortable, year-round living space.


In this type of option we use a custom-made wooden construction system, which is assembled with the utmost care by our specialists taking into account all safety rules and building regulations.

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